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Legal Alert 10/9/2015
Nationwide Stay of EPA/Army Corps "Waters of the U.S." Rule Issued By Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals
Legal Alert 9/1/2015
City Ordered to Refund $10.5 Million in Beach Parking Fees
Legal Alert 8/28/2015
McMillin Albany, LLC v. Superior Court Rejects Reasoning and Outcome of Liberty Mutual on SB800
Legal Alert 8/27/2015
OPR Releases Preliminary Discussion Draft of CEQA Guidelines Amendments for Public Comments
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 8/6/2015
Reminder: California Employers Must Provide Updated Management Training on Workplace Bullying
Legal Alert 8/4/2015
State Agencies Cannot Declare Mitigation of Project Impacts Infeasible Based Solely on the Lack of Legislative Appropriations
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 7/14/2015
Update: California Enacts Urgent Clarifications to California Paid Sick Leave Law
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 7/9/2015
Top Five Social Media Tips for Employers
Legal Alert 7/2/2015
Good News for Taxpayers: California 1031 Exchange Decision
Legal Alert 6/23/2015
Mutual Water Companies: A Water Supply Option for Multifamily and Residential Developments
Legal Alert 6/15/2015
California Supreme Court Upholds Inclusionary Housing Ordinance as a Valid Exercise of Police Power
Legal Alert 6/12/2015
Supreme Court Reaffirms a Chapter 7 Debtor's Inability to Strip a Lien Against Real Property
Legal Alert 5/27/2015
EPA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Approve New Definition of "Waters of the United States"
Legal Alert 5/18/2015
Two Recent Decisions Potentially Expand Fraudulent Transfer Exposure in Ponzi Schemes
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 5/4/2015
Reminder: Paid Sick Leave Required As Of July 1, 2015
Legal Alert 4/27/2015
California Energy Commission Considering Changes to Ongoing AB 1103 Energy Benchmarking and Disclosure Requirements
Legal Alert 4/21/2015
Progressively Tiered Water Rates to Promote Conservation May Violate Proposition 218
Legal Alert 4/20/2015
State Water Board Releases Proposed Emergency Regulations Imposing Strict Reductions in Water Use
Legal Alert 4/13/2015
Army Corps Jurisdictional Determinations Subject to Pre-Permit Judicial Review, Eighth Circuit Says
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 4/10/2015
Immediate Action Required: Employers With Outdoor Workers Need to Update Their Heat Injury Illness Programs
Legal Alert 4/7/2015
Groundwater Fees in Flux Following Recent Conflicting Proposition 218 Cases
Legal Alert 4/2/2015
Governor Brown Issues Executive Order Requiring Statewide Mandatory Water Restrictions
Legal Alert 3/19/2015
State Water Board Significantly Expands Scope of Authority to Investigate Water Rights
Legal Alert 3/2/2015
Berkeley Hillside: New Supreme Court decision defines limits of CEQA exemption challenges to development
Legal Alert 2/9/2015
State Water Board Launches Investigation Into Claims of Senior Water Rights
Legal Alerts 1 - 25 of 261