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Land use can be one of the most complex areas of law, particularly in California. In addition to legal issues, the use and development of real estate in California is subject to a wide range of sensitive, high profile forces, such as public finance, politics, the environment and community relations.

Allen Matkins is a leader in land use law in California and the U.S. The range of our land use legal services is the deepest and broadest in California, and our lawyers are leaders in the field.

One of our key advantages is the depth and quality of our relationships with policymakers. The trust and confidence our governmental advocacy attorneys have earned with politicians and public agency staff frequently makes the difference on key recommendations and votes. We strive to structure the entitlement process as a public-private partnership or a “win/win” in which each of the sectors makes headway in accomplishing one or more of its goals.

We work in the following areas: 

We have earned a reputation as creative problem solvers. Our innovative entitlement and litigation strategies have gained popularity with public agencies and developers alike because of their focus on insulating project approvals from third-party legal challenges and initiatives and referenda.

If a lawsuit does arise, our land use litigators are ready, often having already played a critical role in the structuring of the entitlement process, to maximize later advantage in the courtroom.

Our clients have included: 

  • Developers 
  • Builders 
  • Landowners 
  • Lenders 
  • Public agencies 
  • Citizen groups 
  • Environmentalists 
  • Green industries 
  • Corporations

From strategy to implementation, we work with our clients to minimize complexity throughout the area of land use law and property development.