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Allen Matkins is the firm of choice for some of the nation's largest real estate industry developers and operators. We provide a full range of transactional, regulatory and litigation services to support these clients.

Our depth of our experience, breadth of our industry contacts, and understanding of the varied marketplaces in which our clients do business, enable us to bring a "market-aware," result-oriented approach to our clients' business needs. Our industry understanding results in a high level of client satisfaction.

No matter what kind of the product type involved, we have the expertise to help our clients succeed.

We assist clients in a wide range of asset types:

  • What makes them stand out is their ownership mentality - they are an extension of us." - VP, Portfolio Management, Large REIT
  • Their client list - no one else has one like it - they represent the best in commercial office leasing clients." - VP Legal and General Counsel, Large REIT
  • They find the tipping point between making a deal and being too aggressive." - Managing Partner, Major Real Estate Developer
  • Their name and reputation have significant clout in negotiations - very helpful." - Principal, Major Real Estate Development Company


Anton N. Natsis


Century City

(310) 788-2430

Richard E. Stinehart


Orange County

(949) 851-5437