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Allen Matkins real estate attorneys are widely recognized for their expertise in all manner of real estate transactions. Nearly half of the work our firm performs revolves around real estate matters. The real estate group, with roughly 120 attorneys, is the largest such department of transactional real estate lawyers in the nation. Each of these attorneys devotes their expertise and time to real estate-related matters. Given the depth of experience that our real estate lawyers possess, the range and breadth of our industry contacts, and our understanding of the varied marketplaces in which our clients do business, we are uniquely able to bring a "market-aware," result-oriented approach to our clients' real estate transactions. The value we add to each transaction results in a high level of client satisfaction.

Our Real Estate Department draws upon the resources of at least 15 different subspecialty practice groups. No matter what kind of real estate expertise a client may need, or the product type involved, we have the expertise to enable our clients to obtain optimal results in their real estate matters. 

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