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Legal Alerts

9/23/2016 California Supreme Court Rejects "New Project" Test for Modifications to Previously Approved Projects
6/15/2015 California Supreme Court Upholds Inclusionary Housing Ordinance as Valid Exercise of Police Power
6/26/2013 US Supreme Court Limits Governmental Power to Impose Conditions on New Development
6/18/2013 Appellate Court Ruling Significantly Increases the Likelihood of New Affordable Housing Requirements in California
10/13/2009 Legal Alert: Court Upholds EIR Against Challenges to Energy Impacts Analysis, Extra-Jurisdictional Mitigation, and Amendments Following Planning Commission Review
This alert discusses a key CEQA case which provides guidelines for preparing an EIR.
2/26/2009 Energy Related Provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 May Help California Reach State Renewable Energy Goals
11/27/2008 New Green Plan Could Increase Cost of New Greenfield Housing
Information in this alert directly affects all developers -- especially those with housing projects in greenfield areas.
10/7/2008 SB 375: How Will California's New Anti-Sprawl Law Impact Future Development In The State?
7/16/2008 Governor Signs Map Extension Bill
Information in this alert directly affects all owners of property with a current tentative map or other entitlements with applicable expiration dates.
4/25/2008 California Appellate Court removes intermediate hurdle to project approval with recent water supply ruling
Who is affected? CEQA Lead Agencies, including cities and counties; Water Suppliers and Wholesalers; and Project Applicants, including residential, commercial, retail, hotel, office and industrial developers if you are proposing to build a qualified development project in California.
12/21/2007 California Appellate Court Upholds the Adequacy of a Water Supply Analysis
12/14/2007 Ninth Circuit Holds: Federal Agency Must Prepare EIS Based on the Cumulative Impacts the Project Will Have On Climate Change as the Result of GHG Emissions
6/11/2007 New Army Corps and EPA Guidance to Shape Future Development and Claims of Federal Jurisdiction under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act

Press & Media

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5/12/2008 Understanding Climate Change
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11/1/2006 Roundtable: Land Use Update
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3/4/2016 Real Estate Development Law Update
9/13/2011 SB375 - California's Climate Change Regulation: Issues When Planning a Project
6/2/2011 Water Supply & the Increasing Importance of Urban Water Management Plans in Development


5/13/2010 Permitting of Utility Scale Solar Projects in California Slow Going Despite Significant State and Federal Polity Support and Financial Incentives
by William R. Devine in Bloomberg Law Reports
7/27/2009 Proposed Guideline Changes to Clarify Trial Court Decisions Addressing Climate Change Under CEQA
By William R. Devine and Shanda M. Beltran in California Real Estate Journal