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Press & Media

1/9/2015 Student Housing's Influence on Multifamily Design
Matthew R. Fogt in Student Housing Bisnow
12/18/2014 Millennials Power Multifamily Market
Matthew R. Fogt in Real Estate Bisnow Orange County
7/19/2012 61 Allen Matkins Attorneys Named Among Super Lawyers 2012 and Rising Stars 2012
More Than 40 Percent of Firm's Partners Make the List
7/27/2011 60 Allen Matkins Attorneys named among Super Lawyers 2011 and Rising Stars 2011
7/19/2010 63 Allen Matkins Attorneys Named Among Super Lawyers 2010 and Rising Stars 2010


11/1/2010 The Elephant in the Title Report
By Matthew R. Fogt in Distressed Assets Investor
5/26/2009 Public Subsidies: Not Allowing the Tail to Wag the Dog
By Matthew Fogt in California Real Estate Journal

Legal Alerts

8/25/2014 California Energy Commission delays AB 1103 Energy Benchmarking and Disclosure Requirements for 2 years for buildings between 5,000 and 10,000 square feet
11/26/2013 Delayed AB 1103 Energy Benchmarking and Disclosure Requirements Set To Go Into Effect In January 2014
2/19/2013 Energy Use Disclosure Requirements Go Into Effect for Owners of Nonresidential California Buildings
10/13/2009 Legal Alert: Court Upholds EIR Against Challenges to Energy Impacts Analysis, Extra-Jurisdictional Mitigation, and Amendments Following Planning Commission Review
This alert discusses a key CEQA case which provides guidelines for preparing an EIR.
10/12/2009 Legal Alert: Governor Temporarily Delays Commencement of Energy Consumption Disclosure Requirement
Information in this alert is useful to owners and operators of non-residential property.
5/19/2009 LEED for Neighborhood Development: How Green is Your Neighborhood?
4/8/2009 Upcoming Deadlines for Informal Property Tax Review
2/26/2009 Energy Related Provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 May Help California Reach State Renewable Energy Goals
2/17/2009 Investment Opportunities and Strategies for Acquiring Defaulted Community Facilities District (CFD) Bonds
11/27/2008 New Green Plan Could Increase Cost of New Greenfield Housing
Information in this alert directly affects all developers -- especially those with housing projects in greenfield areas.
7/16/2008 Governor Signs Map Extension Bill
Information in this alert directly affects all owners of property with a current tentative map or other entitlements with applicable expiration dates.
3/31/2008 Proposed Two-Year Extension for Tentative Maps
2/25/2008 Protecting Projects with CFD Financing from Prevailing Wage Requirements
2/8/2008 Have you updated your Community Association Election Rules and Procedures?


4/22/2013 California Commercial Building Owners Must Disclose Energy Usage of the Building During Sale, Lease or Financing after September 1, 2013