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Legal Alert 2/2/2016
Recent Changes to the Tax Matters Partner Designation May Prove Costly to the Unwary
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 1/22/2016
New California Employment Laws of Particular Interest to the Hospitality Industry
Legal Alert 12/21/2015
Evolving Home-Sharing Market Prompts a Variety of Local Regulations
Legal Alert 12/18/2015
California Supreme Court Rejects Mandatory "Reverse CEQA" Analysis
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 12/11/2015
2016 Labor & Employment Law Update for California Employers
Legal Alert 11/19/2015
San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board Amends Regional MS4 Permit to Provide Alternate Compliance, Define Prior Lawful Approval of Development Projects, and Extend BMP Design Manual Deadline
Legal Alert 10/23/2015
New Legislation (AB 802) To Replace Existing Energy Use Disclosure Law (AB 1103)
Legal Alert 10/13/2015
Governor Brown Authorizes Streamlined Groundwater Basin Adjudications and Private Party Participation Under Sustainable Groundwater Management Act
Legal Alert 10/9/2015
Nationwide Stay of EPA/Army Corps "Waters of the U.S." Rule Issued By Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals
Legal Alert 9/1/2015
City Ordered to Refund $10.5 Million in Beach Parking Fees
Legal Alert 8/28/2015
McMillin Albany, LLC v. Superior Court Rejects Reasoning and Outcome of Liberty Mutual on SB800
Legal Alert 8/27/2015
OPR Releases Preliminary Discussion Draft of CEQA Guidelines Amendments for Public Comments
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 8/6/2015
Reminder: California Employers Must Provide Updated Management Training on Workplace Bullying
Legal Alert 8/4/2015
State Agencies Cannot Declare Mitigation of Project Impacts Infeasible Based Solely on the Lack of Legislative Appropriations
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 7/14/2015
Update: California Enacts Urgent Clarifications to California Paid Sick Leave Law
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 7/9/2015
Top Five Social Media Tips for Employers
Legal Alert 7/2/2015
Good News for Taxpayers: California 1031 Exchange Decision
Legal Alert 6/23/2015
Mutual Water Companies: A Water Supply Option for Multifamily and Residential Developments
Legal Alert 6/15/2015
California Supreme Court Upholds Inclusionary Housing Ordinance as Valid Exercise of Police Power
Legal Alert 6/12/2015
Supreme Court Reaffirms the Inability of a Chapter 7 Debtor to Strip a Lien
Legal Alert 5/27/2015
EPA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Approve New Definition of "Waters of the United States"
Legal Alert 5/18/2015
Two Recent Decisions Potentially Expand Fraudulent Transfer Exposure in Ponzi Schemes
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 5/4/2015
Reminder: Paid Sick Leave Required As Of July 1, 2015
Legal Alert 4/27/2015
California Energy Commission Considering Changes to Ongoing AB 1103 Energy Benchmarking and Disclosure Requirements
Legal Alert 4/21/2015
Progressively Tiered Water Rates to Promote Conservation May Violate Proposition 218
Legal Alerts 1 - 25 of 200