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Legal Alert 3/19/2015
State Water Board Significantly Expands Scope of Authority to Investigate Water Rights
Legal Alert 3/2/2015
Berkeley Hillside: New Supreme Court decision defines limits of CEQA exemption challenges to development
Legal Alert 2/9/2015
State Water Board Launches Investigation Into Claims of Senior Water Rights
Legal Alert 1/21/2015
Court Decision Confirms Shopping Center's Right To Limit Expressive Activity to Designated Areas
Legal Alert 1/9/2015
Newly Amended Dual Agency Disclosure Law: Much Ado About Nothing
Legal Alert 12/2/2014
Financial Institutions May Post Online Privacy Disclosures
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 12/2/2014
2015 Labor & Employment Law Update for California Employers
Legal Alert 11/20/2014
An Appeal of a Bankruptcy Sale Order May Be Moot Regardless of Whether the Seller Actually Had the Authority to Sell the Assets
Legal Alert 11/10/2014
Five Holiday Season Tips for Retail Landlords
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 10/27/2014
Top Five Steps for Dealing with the Threat of Ebola and Other Infectious Diseases in the Workplace
Legal Alert 10/23/2014
Shopping Mall Owner Permitted to Sue Union Protesters for Trespass and Nuisance
Legal Alert 9/30/2014
AB 2222 Restricts Use of State Density Bonus Law
Legal Alert 9/19/2014
California Acts to Manage Statewide Groundwater Issues
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 9/12/2014
AB 1522 Requires California Employers to Update Paid Sick Leave Policies
Legal Alert 9/4/2014
Is there a Serious Threat to a Secured Creditor's Right to Credit Bid at Bankruptcy Sales, or Is the Impact of Recent Cases Narrower?
Legal Alert 8/25/2014
California Energy Commission delays AB 1103 Energy Benchmarking and Disclosure Requirements for 2 years for buildings between 5,000 and 10,000 square feet
Legal Alert 8/22/2014
City of San Diego's Settlement Over Alleged MS4 Permit Violations Results in Crackdown on Out-Of-Compliance Projects
Legal Alert 8/18/2014
Draft CEQA Guidelines Would Dramatically Alter Analysis of Transportation Impacts Under SB 743
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 8/18/2014
SB 1360 Requires California Employers to Pay for Cool-Down Periods
Employers With Outdoor Work Areas Should Review Their Heat Illness Prevention Procedures And Practices
Legal Alert 8/15/2014
How Remote is Bankruptcy Remote? Is an Operating Agreement Restriction Against a Bankruptcy Filing Without the Unanimous Consent of All Members Enforceable?
Legal Alert 8/14/2014
Cochran v. Schwan’s Home Service, Inc.; Court Tells Employers to Pay Part of Employees’ Cell Phone Bills
Legal Alert 8/11/2014
The California Supreme Court Further Limits the Scope of CEQA Review for Voter-Sponsored Initiatives in Tuolumne Jobs & Small Business Alliance v. Superior Court
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 8/7/2014
"Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces" Executive Order Requires Government Contractors to Disclose Labor Violations and Restrict Use of Arbitration Agreements
Proposed Expanded Definition of Waters of the United States Video 7/14/2014
Proposed Expanded Definition of Waters of the United States
Questions continue to arise surrounding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' proposed regulation re-defining the term "waters of the United States." Allen Matkins attorneys David Cooke and James Burroughs explain in this video the possible implications for land owners and dischargers.

To read more about this issue, please see our April 22, 2014, Legal Alert here. If you have questions or concerns about the draft regulations, please contact David Cooke or Jim Burroughs.
Legal Alert 7/7/2014
California Supreme Court Upholds Design Professionals' Duty to Future Residential Purchasers
Legal Alerts 1 - 25 of 240