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Legal Alert 7/2/2015
Good News for Taxpayers: California 1031 Exchange Decision
Legal Alert 3/12/2014
California Continues Crackdown on 1031 Exchanges
Legal Alert 4/25/2012
FTB Reverses Course on Mello-Roos Taxes - For Now
Legal Alert 3/12/2012
FTB Announces Major Changes in Real Property Tax Deductions
Drop and Swap Allen Matkins 3/1/2012
Drop and Swap Transactions Bring Big Tax Savings with Careful Strategy

Drop and swap transactions can allow for big tax savings, but executing these transactions requires careful planning. A drop and swap transaction is one in which shares of a property owned by a partnership are distributed to each partner and then used to purchase a new property. Timing, however, is critical because if the time between the drop and swap (or the reverse swap and drop) is short, it can be argued that the property was never held for investment purposes - a requirement for a 1031 exchange. It's important that you consult an attorney and carefully plan your drop and swap transaction. Running afoul of the positions taken by the IRS or the California Franchise Tax Board could result in an audit or a trip to court.

Legal Alert 5/26/2010
Taxpayers Now Face Penalties for Failure to Notify BOE of Transfers in Entities That Own California Real Property
Legal Alert 4/22/2010
Repeal of the Estate Tax - What You Need to Know for 2010
You may need to amend your estate planning documents.
Legal Alert 7/16/2009
State of California's Issuance of Registered Warrants Raises Securities Law Questions and Concerns
Legal Alert 3/2/2009
Recently Enacted And/Or Proposed Tax Changes May Affect Your Real Estate Business
Legal Alert 10/8/2008
Debt Workouts and the Borrower's Tax Considerations
Legal Alert 5/16/2008
Recent tax law requires deferred compensation plans to be amended by December 31, 2008
Legal Alert 8/23/2007
Congressman takes notes of Carried Interest's Impact on Real Estate Industry
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 6/22/2007
409a Regulations Changes Require Employers to Review Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans and make Changes by December 31, 2007
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 3/1/2007
Proposed Regulations issued on employer's obligation to reimburse employees for business-related travel
Tax Legal Alerts 1 - 14 of 14