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Legal Alert 12/21/2015
Evolving Home-Sharing Market Prompts a Variety of Local Regulations
Legal Alert 12/18/2015
California Supreme Court Rejects Mandatory "Reverse CEQA" Analysis
Legal Alert 10/23/2015
New Legislation (AB 802) To Replace Existing Energy Use Disclosure Law (AB 1103)
Legal Alert 4/27/2015
California Energy Commission Considering Changes to Ongoing AB 1103 Energy Benchmarking and Disclosure Requirements
Legal Alert 3/2/2015
Berkeley Hillside: New Supreme Court decision defines limits of CEQA exemption challenges to development
Legal Alert 1/9/2015
Newly Amended Dual Agency Disclosure Law: Much Ado About Nothing
Legal Alert 10/23/2014
Shopping Mall Owner Permitted to Sue Union Protesters for Trespass and Nuisance
Legal Alert 9/30/2014
AB 2222 Restricts Use of State Density Bonus Law
Legal Alert 8/25/2014
California Energy Commission delays AB 1103 Energy Benchmarking and Disclosure Requirements for 2 years for buildings between 5,000 and 10,000 square feet
Legal Alert 1/10/2014
Contractors Need to Update Policies and Procedures to Provide Recovery Periods for Outdoor Workers
Legal Alert 11/26/2013
Delayed AB 1103 Energy Benchmarking and Disclosure Requirements Set To Go Into Effect In January 2014
Allen Matkins/UCLA Anderson Forecast: The Recovery in Residential Construction 10/7/2013
The Recovery in Residential Construction
Legal Alert 9/3/2013
California Court of Appeal Opens the Door for Construction Defect Claims Outside of SB800
Legal Alert 8/22/2013
EPA Endorses New ASTM Phase I Standard
Legal Alert 7/18/2013
New Decision Helps Multifamily Developers by Striking Down a Restrictive Local Ordinance
Court Finds Napa County's Ordinance Conflicts with California's Density Bonus Law
Legal Alert 6/26/2013
US Supreme Court Limits Governmental Power to Impose Conditions on New Development
Legal Alert 6/18/2013
Appellate Court Ruling Significantly Increases the Likelihood of New Affordable Housing Requirements in California
Legal Alert 5/6/2013
Prevailing Wages: Beware of Fee Waivers Even When They are Not Waived
Legal Alert 4/22/2013
California Commercial Building Owners Must Disclose Energy Usage of the Building During Sale, Lease or Financing after September 1, 2013
Legal Alert 4/16/2013
New California Court of Appeal Decision May Affect Administration of Foreclosure-Avoidance Actions
Legal Alert 4/12/2013
Action Required by California Commercial Landlords: New California Law Goes Into Effect July 1, 2013, Requiring Accessibility Disclosures in Commercial Leases
Legal Alert 4/8/2013
Certain Residential Developments Exempt from CEQA Review: Greenhouse Gas Emission Issues Do Not Constitute New Information
Legal Alert 2/25/2013
Commercial Landlords in San Francisco Beware
Legal Alert 2/19/2013
Energy Use Disclosure Requirements Go Into Effect for Owners of Nonresidential California Buildings
Legal Alert 12/17/2012
Will Your Indemnity Clauses be Unenforceable on January 1, 2013?
Real Estate Legal Alerts 1 - 25 of 80