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Legal Alert 8/27/2015
OPR Releases Preliminary Discussion Draft of CEQA Guidelines Amendments for Public Comments
Legal Alert 8/4/2015
State Agencies Cannot Declare Mitigation of Project Impacts Infeasible Based Solely on the Lack of Legislative Appropriations
Legal Alert 6/23/2015
Mutual Water Companies: A Water Supply Option for Multifamily and Residential Developments
Legal Alert 5/27/2015
EPA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Approve New Definition of "Waters of the United States"
Legal Alert 4/21/2015
Progressively Tiered Water Rates to Promote Conservation May Violate Proposition 218
Legal Alert 4/20/2015
State Water Board Releases Proposed Emergency Regulations Imposing Strict Reductions in Water Use
Legal Alert 4/13/2015
Army Corps Jurisdictional Determinations Subject to Pre-Permit Judicial Review, Eighth Circuit Says
Legal Alert 4/7/2015
Groundwater Fees in Flux Following Recent Conflicting Proposition 218 Cases
Legal Alert 4/2/2015
Governor Brown Issues Executive Order Requiring Statewide Mandatory Water Restrictions
Legal Alert 3/19/2015
State Water Board Significantly Expands Scope of Authority to Investigate Water Rights
Legal Alert 2/9/2015
State Water Board Launches Investigation Into Claims of Senior Water Rights
Legal Alert 9/19/2014
California Acts to Manage Statewide Groundwater Issues
Legal Alert 8/22/2014
City of San Diego's Settlement Over Alleged MS4 Permit Violations Results in Crackdown on Out-Of-Compliance Projects
Legal Alert 8/18/2014
Draft CEQA Guidelines Would Dramatically Alter Analysis of Transportation Impacts Under SB 743
Legal Alert 7/1/2014
First District Court of Appeal Holds State Water Board May Restrict Beneficial Water Use by Senior Water Rights Holders, Relying on Public Trust Doctrine
Light v. State Water Resources Control Board
Legal Alert 6/24/2014
Supreme Court Upholds EPA's Power to Regulate Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Large Stationary Sources – But Scolds EPA For Overreaching in Its Regulatory Approach
Legal Alert 6/16/2014
EPA Extends Comment Period on New Rule regarding "Waters of the United States"
Legal Alert 4/22/2014
Expanding the Definition of "Waters of the United States" – EPA's Proposed New Rule
Legal Alert 4/11/2014
It's Final—State Water Board Adopts New Industrial General Permit for Storm Water Discharges
Legal Alert 3/13/2014
DTSC Releases Initial Proposed “Priority Products” List for Safer Consumer Products Regulations
Legal Alert 3/7/2014
Manufacturers, Importers and Retailers Must Take Action Following DTSC Reveal of Priority Products
Legal Alert 1/23/2014
New Permit Requires Disclosure of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids For Offshore Oil and Gas Operations in Southern California
Legal Alert 1/7/2014
U.S. EPA Amends Its "All Appropriate Inquiries Rule" To Reference Updated Standards for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
Legal Alert 11/26/2013
DOGGR Releases Proposed Regulations and Interim Compliance Notice Regarding Hydraulic Fracturing and Acidization
Legal Alert 8/22/2013
EPA Endorses New ASTM Phase I Standard
Environmental & Natural Resources Legal Alerts 1 - 25 of 80