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Legal Alert 4/11/2014
It's Final—State Water Board Adopts New Industrial General Permit for Storm Water Discharges
Legal Alert 3/13/2014
DTSC Releases Initial Proposed “Priority Products” List for Safer Consumer Products Regulations
Legal Alert 3/7/2014
Manufacturers, Importers and Retailers Must Take Action Following DTSC Reveal of Priority Products
Legal Alert 1/23/2014
New Permit Requires Disclosure of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids For Offshore Oil and Gas Operations in Southern California
Legal Alert 1/7/2014
U.S. EPA Amends Its "All Appropriate Inquiries Rule" To Reference Updated Standards for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
Legal Alert 11/26/2013
DOGGR Releases Proposed Regulations and Interim Compliance Notice Regarding Hydraulic Fracturing and Acidization
Legal Alert 8/22/2013
EPA Endorses New ASTM Phase I Standard
Legal Alert 8/8/2013
California Supreme Court Weighs in on the CEQA Projected Baseline Issue
Legal Alert 8/1/2013
California State Water Board Issues New Draft Industrial Storm Water Permit
Legal Alert 7/11/2013
A Closer Look at the Koontz Decision
Legal Alert 6/26/2013
US Supreme Court Limits Governmental Power to Impose Conditions on New Development
Legal Alert 6/12/2013
Court Upholds Validity of Landmark Water Transfer Agreement Providing Greater Certainty to California's Water Supply
Legal Alert 5/21/2013
Commercial and Residential Developers, Builders and Landlords Face New Storm Water Regulations
Legal Alert 9/21/2012
Coalition for Clean Air: Filing an NOE Before Project Approval Does Not Trigger CEQA's 35-Day Statute of Limitations
Legal Alert 8/1/2012
Proposed Safer Consumer Product Regulations Will Be Transformative
Legal Alert 5/3/2012
Sierra Club v. Napa: Sequential Lot Line Adjustments are Consistent with the Subdivision Map Act and are Exempt from CEQA
Legal Alert 4/25/2012
Appellate Court Upholds Use of Future CEQA Baseline in Neighbors for Smart Rail and Rejects Sunnyvale Holding
Sackett v. Epa 4/5/2012
Sackett v. EPA: Supreme Court Authorizes Pre-Enforcement Review of Clean Water Act Compliance

A unanimous Supreme Court held, on March 21, 2012, that parties who receive administrative compliance orders from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") under the authority of the federal Clean Water Act are entitled to "pre-enforcement review," that is, they may bring lawsuits to challenge the jurisdictional basis for such orders in court. When EPA determines that a person is discharging a pollutant into the "waters of the United States" without a permit, the Clean Water Act requires EPA either to issue a compliance order or to file a lawsuit to enforce the Act's requirements. Compliance orders have become a preferred tool for EPA to obtain quick remediation through "voluntary compliance." Parties who questioned the government's assertion of federal jurisdiction over their property either had to obey the government's compliance order, thereby losing the benefits of their ownership of their land, or refuse to comply, thereby risking ruinous liability for penalties of up to $37,500 per day if EPA decided to sue and the court decided that the government had properly asserted federal jurisdiction.

Legal Alert 3/27/2012
U.S. Supreme Court Authorizes Pre-Enforcement Review of Clean Water Act Compliance Orders
Legal Alert 3/14/2012
Prop 65: State Law on Consumer Warning Labels Poses a Threat to Businesses
Legal Alert 11/4/2011
California Department of Toxic Substances Control Issues Draft Regulations for Safer Consumer Products
This alert applies to any company that manufactures, distributes, or sells consumer products for use in California.
Video Alert: California's Revised Construction Storm Water Permit New Regulations & Costs 6/23/2011
California's Revised Construction Stormwater Permit: New Regulations & Costs

California agencies and private enforcers are likely to pay close attention to whether construction projects are in compliance with the detailed requirements of California's revised construction stormwater general permit, which took effect on July 1, 2010. The permit applies to all construction activities of one acre or more, except for projects in the Lake Tahoe watershed, which are subject to a separate permit. The revised permit has several provisions which will especially challenge those who are not prepared. Some experts estimate that compliance could increase the cost of a project by 10% or more.

Legal Alert 5/20/2011
Governor's Budget Revision Continues To Target Redevelopment For Elimination
Legal Alert 2/8/2011
California's Revised Construction Stormwater Permit - New Regulations & Costs
The permit applies to all construction activities of one acre or more.
Legal Alert 1/29/2011
Operators of Stationary Refrigeration Systems are Subject to New California Air Regulations
This alert applies to owners and operators of commercial buildings in the State of California with air conditioners (comfort coolers) or refrigeration systems.
Environmental & Natural Resources Legal Alerts 1 - 25 of 62