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Labor & Employment Legal Alert 8/18/2014
SB 1360 Requires California Employers to Pay for Cool-Down Periods
Employers With Outdoor Work Areas Should Review Their Heat Illness Prevention Procedures And Practices
Legal Alert 7/7/2014
California Supreme Court Upholds Design Professionals' Duty to Future Residential Purchasers
Legal Alert 1/10/2014
Contractors Need to Update Policies and Procedures to Provide Recovery Periods for Outdoor Workers
Allen Matkins/UCLA Anderson Forecast: The Recovery in Residential Construction 10/7/2013
The Recovery in Residential Construction
Legal Alert 9/3/2013
California Court of Appeal Opens the Door for Construction Defect Claims Outside of SB800
Legal Alert 6/11/2013
California Court Upholds Contract Clause Shortening Time Limits for Construction Claims
Legal Alert 12/17/2012
Will Your Indemnity Clauses be Unenforceable on January 1, 2013?
Legal Alert 8/16/2012
Developers Earn Major Victory in California Supreme Court Regarding Enforcement of Arbitration Provisions in CC&Rs
Legal Alert 7/30/2012
For Housing Developers Seeking Enforcement of ADR Provisions, the Line Forms at the Rear
Legal Alert 7/6/2012
California Supreme Court Rules that Prevailing Wage Laws Do Not Apply to Charter Cities
Legal Alert 5/3/2012
Sierra Club v. Napa: Sequential Lot Line Adjustments are Consistent with the Subdivision Map Act and are Exempt from CEQA
WRAP Insurance Allen Matkins 3/23/2012
The Benefits of WRAP Insurance on Large Construction Projects

WRAP insurance in a single "WRAP insurance program" can cover all players in a construction project. These programs are typically either owner controlled or contractor controlled. These WRAP programs can often save significant project costs due to reduced premiums and reduced costs of potential litigation.

Changes to California Mechanic's Lien Laws Relieve Frustration in Construction 2/13/2012
Changes to California Mechanic's Lien Laws Relieve Frustration in Construction

In California, mechanic's lien laws changed. Owners are now entitled to receive a "notice of mechanic's lien." Previously, owners had no way of knowing about a mechanic's lien without running a title report. This often led to frustration among owners who were taken by surprise and were often unable to refinance due to liens that they were unaware of. The new changes require that the owner be sent a "notice of mechanic's lien" before the claim is filed.

Video Alert: California's Revised Construction Storm Water Permit New Regulations & Costs 6/23/2011
California's Revised Construction Stormwater Permit: New Regulations & Costs

California agencies and private enforcers are likely to pay close attention to whether construction projects are in compliance with the detailed requirements of California's revised construction stormwater general permit, which took effect on July 1, 2010. The permit applies to all construction activities of one acre or more, except for projects in the Lake Tahoe watershed, which are subject to a separate permit. The revised permit has several provisions which will especially challenge those who are not prepared. Some experts estimate that compliance could increase the cost of a project by 10% or more.

Legal Alert 9/30/2010
What Do You Mean I Was Nonresponsive?
This alert applies to contractors bidding on public works projects. If Your Bid is Rejected as "Nonresponsive," Take a Hard Look at the Agency's Rationale -- You May Be Entitled to a Hearing.
Legal Alert 5/24/2010
Construction Projects in California Greater Than One Acre Will Be Subject to New Storm Water Control Regulations
Legal Alert 6/11/2007
New Army Corps and EPA Guidance to Shape Future Development and Claims of Federal Jurisdiction under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act
Construction Legal Alerts 1 - 17 of 17