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Hospitality & Resorts

Allen Matkins, the number one real estate law firm in California according to Chambers & Partners, offers the experience, market awareness, and creativity necessary to handle any manner of hotel, resort, and hospitality project. Very few law firms have more hospitality experience than Allen Matkins; we have handled every type of project imaginable. Our projects span the globe from across the United States to Europe, and across the Pacific, including the Polynesian islands, to Asia.

Many clients seek our advice on business-related issues as well as legal matters. With backgrounds that encompass real estate, business, environmental, construction, finance, employment, and litigation matters, our attorneys' ability to view and manage projects in totality gives our clients the most value for their real estate investment and a sustainable competitive advantage.

We represent owners, developers, hoteliers, real estate investment trusts (REITs), capital markets and other equity investors, lenders, franchise systems, operating companies, and management companies. We assist clients with the acquisition, development, financing, mergers and acquisitions, and construction of golf courses, hotels, condominium/hotels, and resorts, as well as tennis, marina, stadium, casino, sport, museum, fractional and vacation ownership, and planned unit projects.

We provide services in all aspects of hospitality and resorts including: