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Why Join Allen Matkins

We’ve grown and flourished over the years by attracting lateral associates and partners who are interested in and committed to our collaborative work environment. Why do they join us?

  1. We support the entrepreneurial spirit. We support the creativity and interests of our attorneys by providing an entrepreneurial platform for the growth of their practices consistent with our strategic initiatives. 
  2. We’re team-oriented. We accomplish more as a team and as a firm, and not as individual practitioners. We use the words “teamwork” and “camaraderie” daily, and behave accordingly. We label it the "Get-Along Factor" and it’s important to our success. 
  3. We’re smart about our business. We never lose sight of the fact that the firm is a business enterprise, and strive to be successful and profitable. We stress the fundamentals in operating our business and are well, but not overly, managed. 
  4. We’re partners with our clients. We develop longstanding relationships with clients, provide exemplary and exceptional service, learn their businesses and objectives thoroughly, and team with them to solve problems.  
  5. We’re innovative and solutions-driven. Business changes, our clients’ needs change, and the law changes. We’re continually seeking innovative ways of furthering client business objectives and giving attorneys the room to create new solutions to client challenges. 
  6. We believe in balance. While we believe in providing clients with exemplary work, we don’t encourage working extraordinary hours for their own sake. We promote balance between work and family and/or other interests. We coach and play on teams, give back to our cities, communities and neighborhoods, and get involved in a broad range of activities. It’s good for us, good for the firm, and good for our communities.