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From private development to public works projects, we assist a wide range of national and international clients on projects with budgets ranging from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Our clients include: owners, prime contractors, construction managers, landlords, architects, engineers, real estate investors, subcontractors, financial institutions, tenants, developers, major suppliers and sureties.

We have provided construction law services for a wide range of construction projects, including:

  • Commercial (office buildings, industrial facilities)
  • Retail (shopping centers, mixed-use developments)
  • Residential and Multifamily (apartments, single-family residence, condominiums)
  • Recreation (sports facilities, parks)
  • Healthcare (hospitals and medical office buildings)
  • Hospitality (hotels, resorts and golf courses)
  • Industrial (solar farms, oil refineries and manufacturing facilities)
  • Education (universities, community colleges and schools, dormitories)
  • Transportation (highways, bridges, subways, light rail systems, airports, port facilities)