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Whether viewed from a business or a legal perspective, a major construction project is one of the most complex endeavors a company or individual can undertake.

Allen Matkins construction law attorneys have vast experience handling transactional aspects of major private and public construction projects, as well as resolving disputes arising from the construction process. Allen Matkins is honored to be recognized as one of the top construction law practices in California by Chambers USA.

We work with a wide range of national and international clients on projects with budgets ranging from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars. We work on design and construction of public works projects, publicly financed projects, and private development projects.

Allen Matkins has extensive experience handling all aspects of major public and private construction projects, from initial bidding and contracting through negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation of disputes.

Our specialties include: 

We have worked with clients on all major steps of the construction process, including: 

  • Development (early stages) 
    • Construction finance agreements 
    • Consulting agreements 
    • Design agreements 
    • Requests for proposals 
    • Bid documents 
    • Construction 
      • Construction agreements 
      • General contractor and subcontractor agreements 
      • Construction-related dispute resolution (during or post-construction) 
        • Negotiation 
        • Mediation 
        • Arbitration 
        • Litigation

        We have been involved in virtually every type of private construction project, including: 

        • Commercial 
          • High-rise office buildings 
          • Mixed-use developments 
          • Regional shopping centers 
          • Sports facilities 
          • Green/sustainable developments 
          • Healthcare (hospitals and medical office buildings) 
          • Hospitality (hotels, resorts and golf courses) 
          • Housing 
            • Single-family residences 
            • Condominiums 
            • Apartments 
            • Dormitories 
            • Industrial (Solar farms, oil refineries and manufacturing facilities) 
            • Education (universities, community colleges and schools) 
            • Transportation
              • Highways 
              • Bridges 
              • Subways 
              • Light rail systems 
              • Airports 
              • Port facilities

              Our clients have included: 

              • Owners 
              • Prime contractors 
              • Construction managers 
              • Landlords 
              • Architects 
              • Engineers
              • Real estate investors 
              • Subcontractors 
              • Financial institutions 
              • Tenants 
              •  Developers 
              • Major suppliers
              • Sureties